The Cosmic Dimension of Global Diversity Management

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In most organizations, leaders play a pivotal role in driving performance. There are varieties of leadership training programs being tried nowadays by successful companies. However, the yoga way of life is rarely taught in these training programs. At the most, yogasanas are being taught to the group, as part of a morning physical work-out.

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There are few companies who have of late started providing meditation rooms at the work place, for the ease of managers who want to go into solitude to sharpen their creativity. It may be a good idea to now start thinking of giving systematic exposure of wisdom, enshrined in our ancient scriptures, to all managerial cadres of companies, which would help them personally as well as professionally.

They can become better self-aware and self-regulated individuals, with a proper perspective of life and various relationships. The Yoga way of life is all about the correct attitude to life, which can result in a better organizational climate.

In the Indian context, the assimilation of this knowledge may be better and easier, as the Indians have grown with all these concepts right from childhood. First of all, the top leaders of the company have to be convinced about the utility of this idea.

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They should themselves have the necessary trust in this philosophy and in the results it can bring. Once convinced about the utility of this kind of training, the tougher challenge lies in finding the right people to train company executives. And second, this has to be a continuous training, which is repeated periodically. Third, the atmosphere of the yoga way of life has to be created in the company policy. The company policies have also to pass the test of the yoga way in terms of completely adhering to the ethical-moral code prescribed in Yama and Niyama.

There are certain organizational factors, such as Job Satisfaction, which have a crucial bearing on organizational effectiveness. Our study confirms the useful role that the Yoga way of life can play in improving these factors positively among managers.

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The results show a significant difference among those who are introduced to the practice of the yoga way of life. However, in order to get the benefit of yoga in its entirety, one has to adopt yoga as a technique of life management. Such an integrated approach can yield superior results for individual happiness and also for organizational performance. On the basis of our study we are motivated to recommend similar experimental studies in multiple organizational settings to further refine these findings and insights.

One approach is to conduct a similar study with a large sample size, which may corroborate this initial attempt. Also in case of other similar experiments, different instruments for measuring these factors may be tried, in order to take care of social desirability. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Journal List Int J Yoga v. Int J Yoga.

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  7. The Cosmic Dimension of Global Diversity Management.
  8. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Address for correspondence: Prof. E-mail: ni. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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    This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background: Organizational performance can be attributed to a number of factors. Aims: To measure effect of yoga way of life on five different indicators through an empirical study. Materials and Methods: The five indicators are job satisfaction, job involvement, goal orientation, affective organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior.

    Statistics Analysis: Pre- and post-data was measured using self-reported questionnaire. Results and Conclusion: The results of the study show that Yoga has a significant positive impact on four out of five of these indicators. Keywords: Yoga way of life, job satisfaction, job involvement, goal orientation, organizational citizenship behavior, affective organizational commitment. The main competencies that he emphasized to face these are: Coping with ambiguities and uncertainties econciling the coexistence of opposites Managing the diversity in terms of race, age, gender, culture, and intellectual person integrity Selflessness Humility and courage Networking across organizations Contextual influence and authority According to Tichy,[ 6 ] the single most important factor that differentiates winning companies from losing ones is that the winning companies possess a leadership engine — a proven system for creating dynamic leaders at every level.

    Job satisfaction According to Bullock,[ 8 ] job satisfaction is an attitude that results from a balancing and summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job. A critical review of the researches indicated that although there was no direct or consistent relationship between job satisfaction and productivity, the scholars and management practitioners were still interested in the study of job satisfaction for the following reasons, which had broad implications for the individual, the organization, and the society at large; Absenteeism is higher among dissatisfied employees[ 14 , 15 ] Dissatisfied employees are more likely to quit[ 16 ] Satisfied employees enjoy better health and live longer[ 12 , 17 ] Job satisfaction is infectious and carries over to life outside the work place[ 18 ] In a survey of commercial bank employees in Bangladesh, Mosharraf[ 19 ] concluded that job satisfaction had a significant positive contribution to performance.

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    Job involvement Job involvement is an important factor in the lives of most people. We summarize them below: The quality and disposition of managerial level employees is the key to organizational performance. Impact of yoga on management Spirituality in a workplace is a topic of hot discussion today. Empirical study details and results This controlled experiment was conducted at a manufacturing company in Gujarat, called Birla Celluloise, located at Kosamba, one of the units manufacturing Viscose Staple Fiber, owned by the Grasim Industry, located at Kharach village near Bharuch. The salient aspects of the study methodology are summarized below: The managers of the company were given the option of joining this experiment after explaining to them the purpose and modality of this experiment and making clear to them the expectations of regularity and so on.

    Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Group 1 Yoga 2 Physical Total Age 2 1. Table 2 Profile of sample-level of management group crosstabulation. Constructs used for measurement of variables Questionnaires were both easy to administer and inexpensive,[ 80 ] due to their brevity and self-reportive nature. Table 3 Comparison of indicators at baseline between yoga and physical exercise groups.

    Group N Mean Std. Yoga group Mean N Std. Table 5 Physical exercise group. Mean N Std.

    Diversity in Management

    Table 6 Post-intervention mean scores comparison between two groups. Table 7 Correlations. Yoga as a viable and positive organizational tool Today, there is considerable interest among the management practitioners and researchers on the role and benefits of introducing spirituality at the workplace. Zamor G, Claude J. Workplace spirituality and organisational performance. Public Adm Rev. Lloyd T. The nice company. Bloomsbury, London: The Nice Company; Jain U.

    Leadershio competence for the challenges in the global era: A research study. India, New Delhi: Macmillan; Prahalad CK. Hesselbein F, Goldsmith M, editors. Tichy NM. Bennis W. Bullock RP. Smith PC. The prediction of individual differences in susceptibility to industrial monotony.

    The Cosmic Dimension of Global Diversity Management

    J Appl Psychol. Industrial Psychology — its theoretical and social foundation. Robbins, Stephen P. Orgnisational behaviour: Concepts, controversies and application. New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India; Locke EA. The nature and causes of job satisfacion. In: Dunnette MD, editor. Handbook of industrial and organisational psychology. Chicago: Rand Mcnally; Hoppock R. Job Satisfaction. New York: Harper; A reevaluation of the absenteeism job satisfaction.

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    An Eamination of conflicting findings on relationship between job satisfaction and absenteeism: A meta analysis. Acad Manage J. Price J. The Study of Turnover. Ames: Iowa State University Press; Coping seeking social support and stresss among German Police Officers. Eur Rev Appl Psychol. Effect of organizational climate on employee satisfaction. Group and Organisation Management.